Awesome Gaming Community is as Community for mature gamer’s. When we started AGC back in September 2017 our intent was to become a multi-gaming community for all of your gaming needs. We are a group of like-minded gamer’s who have decided to pool our experience and idea’s together to form the world’s most awesome community.

Currently, our website is still under construction. Please come check regularly as we will update proactively.

Our members come from all over the world such as USA, Germany, UK, Belgium and many other locations. We are here to give a solo, teams of two and groups of players a place to call home, to make new friends, and a structured non-biased team of individuals who are looking out for you and the community. We are branched in multiple games and will continue to expand in order to accommodate all our/your needs. We are always taking suggestions from our AGC members very serious because we know our community is nothing without our members -without YOU!

No matter what game, our mindset here is “real life first” and for that reason, we run our games with QoL (Quality of Life) mods (if applicable). 

Let’s be serious, good games come and go, but an Awesome Gamer Community plays through it all together.

Let us be on your side for your current game and for all your future games. Let’s walk the path of awesome gaming together, shall we?

Awesome Gaming Community – because gaming is Awesome