Ark Survival PVP Server Rules

By entering our server, each player agrees to the following server rules. Not knowing the rules does not exclude you from the punishment.

We do not accept hearsay as proof. You must submit a picture/video of the rule violation in order for us to take action.

  1. General Rules
  • Exploiting In-Game bugs and modifying the game client to give you an advantage over others, is forbidden.
  • Spamming, permanent post with caps lock, and advertising is forbidden.
  • Racist content is forbidden
  • We reserve the right to ask you to change your name.
  • Insults and constant stupid comments will be punished by a warning and if continued can result in a ban. (Keep it friendly)
  • We speak English in chat. Please keep it that way.
  • If someone else breaks the rules this doesn’t mean you may. (2 wrongs don’t make a right)
  • Don’t argue with any admin in game. If you disagree with something, you can come into discord and talk it out.
  • All punishments are to the discretion of the admins. If you would like to appeal your ban, use the forums to do so.
  • During AGC Server events, the entire map is considered a “Green Zone” whether you are participating or not. No raiding during ongoing events, server message will indicate once the Event has begun & ended.
  1. Building Rules
  • No Building on Obelisks, Artifact Caves, Penguin Spawns and deep sea loot Crates
  • Max 2 Rafts per player
  • No pillar/foundation spam. Remove taming structures after finished taming.
  1. PVP Rules
  • Community Shop Area/Bounty Board (Cords: 20.7 Lat 44.9 Lon) is a GREEN ZONE – No killing players while within that vicinity “on hill top”. However, if being chased PRIOR you cannot go land there to avoid combat.!
  • No killing of passive dinos. There are other ways to access their inventory (be creative)!
  • Griefing is forbidden, but we highly support PVP on this server.
  • Open PVP is always allowed, but camping other players bases 24/7 is not granted!
  • Do not put players in cages or keep them tranq’d for more than 30 mins. On raids max 1 hour.
  • Max 1 Alliance. Max 10 Members per tribe.
  • Tribes are limited to 1 Main and 2 sub-bases.
  • Complete base wipes will NOT be tolerated. Get valuable loot but don’t be greedy.
  • No raiding bases over and over again. Give people a chance to rebuild (you just took all their stuff already – don’t be a bully). (Request raid protection here if needed – Rule 4)
  • Building turret towers near enemy bases to support the raid is not allowed. We want players to have the chance to defend their base. Turret towers need to be close to your base!
  1. Raid Protection
  • Raid protection can be requested and ONLY approved by an admin. Those tribes will be listed on the forum Start time – End time as well they will have a sign posted near the base stating the same.
  • Raid protection can be requested for either new players/tribes or raided players/tribes.
  • Bases with a red/white flag on top have raid protections. Do not raid them.
  • If you are under raid protection, you can’t raid anybody either!
  • To receive Raid protection, you may either come to our discord or post a request on the forums.