Server Information

What we have:

• Active admins that don’t take sides (there are always 3 sides to a story :-))
• Many random events with awesome rewards
• Treasure Hunts (Multiple Chests or Creatures scattered throughout the world containing awesome treasures)

What we don’t have:


Boosts & Increases:

• x3 Experience
• x3 Gather
• x15 Tame


• Classic Flyers
• Resource Stacks
• Automated Ark
• Improved Drops
• Resource Stacks
• Structure Plus
• ORP2
• Eco RP Décor
• Eco in wonderland Décor
• Insect Plus (Breedable Insects)
• Breedable Griffins

Server Information:

• Map: Ragnarok
• Server IP:

• Map: Aberration
• Server IP:

*Instruction below on how to add server to favorites via Steam*
• Discord:
• Website:

How to manually favorite our server via Steam

1. Click View
2. Click Servers
3. Click Favorites Tab
4. Right click into blank area and choose “Add server by IP Address”
5. Enter the full IP * Port –
6. Click “Add this address to favorites”


If you actually took the time and read all of this, why not just give us a try?

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